Matthew C. Boyer & Associates provides 25 years of proven expertise in the following areas.

Project management (transportation projects, facilities, etc.)

Few small firms in California have a team better known for on-time, on-budget delivery of projects, or that is more respected by clients and their communities for cost-effective, quality projects.

Mr. Boyer has successfully managed more than 85 planning and facility projects in California.

Our founder and President, Matt Boyer, has been recognized six (6) times with American Public Works Association “Projects of the Year” and has also been recognized by Caltrans for “Excellence in Transportation.”

See "completed projects" for a partial list of projects Mr. Boyer has been responsible for delivering.

Community Outreach and Facilitation

Effective community participation is critical to successful, and streamlined project delivery.  Matthew C. Boyer & Associates team is highly-skilled at designing and facilitating effective outreach programs, including community meetings and workshops, walking tours and site visits, advisory committees, and effective use of on-line surveys and community engagement platforms.

Innovative public policy

Matt Boyer is recognized throughout California for thoughtful evaluation of policy trends and anticipating the challenges and opportunities in community development, effective transportation systems, and financing mechanisms.

Mr. Boyer’s previous work has supported legislative changes to facilitate infill development, protect transportation financing streams for clients, and streamline the appropriate use of volunteers to deliver public improvements.

Matthew C. Boyer & Associates has launched a bold new organization, initially titled Community Services 2050. Community Services 2050 is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to synthesizing the factors that are common to local agencies and non-profits, and developing practical, achievable actions, solutions, and reforms to ensure community services are sustained and enhanced for the next generation.

Program management and practical financing strategies

Local agencies continually face the question of how to finance priority projects. Matthew C. Boyer & Associates will help you evaluate feasible options, not the long list impractical possibilities that are often presented by consultants.

Even in the most-lean funding environments, priority projects with strong community support are funded and built. Why?

  • Most firms apply an “educate and ask” approach: educate the community or a funding agency regarding why the project is so desperately needed, and ask for money.
  • Matthew C. Boyer & Associates knows that every community has priority projects with a need that is self-evident. And yet, funding these projects doesn’t always occur. We strongly believe that successful funding is dependent upon 3 necessary conditions.
  1. Energy
  2. Enthusiasm
  3. Urgency

If you have a high-priority project that needs additional monies, we will explain how to harness these 3 factors to get your project funded. From innovative financing districts to writing successful grant applications, our approach will fast-track your project to its ribbon cutting.

Transportation planning and performance measurement

Matthew C. Boyer & Associates has a complete portfolio of results-oriented regional transportation plans, corridor studies, and master plans.

Our goal is to prepare documents that can be implemented within realistic resources, and that balance short-term ‘quick wins’ to gain community trust and momentum, with long-term elements that are ambitious, yet realistic.

Sustainability and resiliency planning

If you are involved in community development, transportation planning, environmental planning, or related fields you are undoubtedly familiar with the policy revolution that has occurred around community sustainability and resiliency.

Understanding and adapting to these concepts and policies can impact your ability to achieve critical funding and/or regulatory compliance. A simple internet search for ‘sustainability’ will return a confusing mass of opportunities and concerns.

Many of our clients first want to distinguish what is necessary, from what is urgent. We can simplify this new world, and guide your agency and projects to achieve your needs, without complicated jargon or unnecessary expense.

Moreover, our team is at the cutting edge of the sustainability discussion. Bernard Brown is an expert in the growing field of sustainability and resiliency planning. He is one of a select few credentialed Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SP) in California.

Executive management and training

Most organizations are run by executives and managers that were trained in a specific profession or that started as a passionate advocate or volunteer. Most have little or no formal education in organizational management, development, or leadership. Many report to Boards of Directors with an inadequate understanding of the matters and details that need to be shared and when direction should be sought.

We can help! Our team of experienced public, private, and non-profit sector executive managers are available to train and coach your team to ensure your organizational objectives are met.

Matt Boyer has served as Executive Director for six organizations, and has served on the Board of Directors for 5 non-profit organizations, including United Way of the Sacramento Capital Region. Along the way, he was honored to be invited to, and participate in, Class V of the prestigious American Leadership Forum – Mountain Valley Chapter.