Matthew C. Boyer & Associates is a full-service management and community development firm.  

Our staff has extensive public, non-profit, and private sector experience that combine to deliver projects and services for our clients. We are well known for thinking outside the proverbial box, and in using knowledge and determination to deliver projects that make communities better.

We are current and active members of Urban Land Institute, American Public Works Association, Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), and American Planning Association.

Our founder, Matt Boyer is a hands-on executive leading several major development, public education, community engagement, and policy initiatives throughout California. 

Services we provide to clients throughout California and the Lake Tahoe Basin include the following.

  • Project management (transportation projects, buildings and facilities, etc.)
  • Community outreach and facilitation
  • Program management, including innovative financing strategies
  • Non-profit management
  • Innovative public policy
  • Transportation planning and performance measurement, including effective transitions to Active Transportation networks

Our work is driven by three core beliefs.

  1. Results are the product of relationships, resources, and resolve. It isn't just what you know… but who you know, working only with the best of the best, and bringing a tireless will to the finish line.
  2. Most bold accomplishments start with an individual that possesses an extraordinary breadth of knowledge. That individual then creates a bold vision and a general path to success. From there, the visionary uses their relationships to form a team. That team uses their collective resources to see the bold vision to implementation.
  3. Along the way, bold visions need many other partners and need to engage many stakeholders. A key element to success may also be to attract outside/discretionary funding. Securing partners and discretionary funding requires three necessary dynamics: energy, enthusiasm, and urgency.

Let us know how we can help you get your project done!

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